Welcome to Herlufsholm Skole and our homepage.

I invite you inside to read about a school with strong traditions and I hope that these pages will take you on a trip that will satisfy your curiosity about what Herlufsholm is today in the year 2018. I hope that you have also found us on Facebook or YouTube, where you can also learn about our school.

I want you to find that although we go back a long time we are a modern school that always looks to the future. Our aim at Herlufsholm is to be a leading Danish boarding school with a global perspective, where we all thrive and are constantly challenged to find our potential. We want those who are students or work here to know that they are appreciated and a part of a bigger whole in a mutually binding community of benefit to themselves and to those around them.

Real life sometimes surpasses one’s expectations, so venture out on a real visit to Herlufsholm after your digital visit here. We would like to receive a surprise visit - and maybe we will surprise you.

Mikkel Kjellberg