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No room for indifference

Herlufsholm focuses on serious academic standards and therefore expects you to be interested in developing your academic and personal qualities, and to strive to be a part of the life and community at the school. You have to take personal responsibility for yourself and for others and make room for differences and development of personal interests.

Both your abilities and your motivation are evaluated in the admissions process. These conditions are not necessarily tied to certain grades, but it is academically demanding to be a student at Herlufsholm.

Middle school

Admission into the Middle School is based entirely on your application and an interview.

High school and IB

The current regulations of the Danish Ministry of Education are applied.

Admission into High School depends to a large extent on recommendations from former teachers and your grades, but admission is not necessarily dependent on certain marks in 9th and 10th grade. However, as a minimum we expect grades of 7 in Danish, English and Mathematics at the March grades.

Are you coming from outside of Denmark?

Applicants from abroad do not often have a traditional Danish schooling behind them. If you have attended an international school or similar institution you will be invited to an interview where your academic abilities are discussed, and where we evaluate your abilities and motivation. If you apply for admission into the Pre-IB or the IB Diploma you have to take an admission test in English and Mathematics.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us