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An overview of the payments

You can read more about our payment terms below - the distribution of quarterly statements, etc. If you have any questions, please contact our finance department on +45 55 75 35 01.

You pay quarterly

When you are enrolled as a student at Herlufsholm School, you will initially be charged an administration fee and a deposit. Following this, you will be charged quarterly. You can register your payments for Direct Debit / Betalingsservice, or you can pay the amount due within one month. In the case of late payment, a fee of DKK 100 will be charged for the first and DKK 100 for any subsequent reminders, and an interest rate of 1% will be charged for each month or part of a month that the amount is overdue.

We draw particular attention to the fact that both holders of parental authority are liable for the payment of school fees.

Accounts of the boarding students

As a parent of a boarding student, you may sometimes encounter expenses relating to the dormitory accounts on your quarterly statement. These are derived from joint activities that the child has participated in with his companions from the dormitory, such as trips to the cinema or eating out. It is also possible to allow the dormitory teacher to manage the paying out of pocket money through the dormitory accounts.

Financial support

As a parent, you can apply for a reduction of the school fee or for a sibling reduction if you have more than one child attending school. Applications for reductions must reach the school no later than June 1st. When applying for a reduction, you may need to fill in an application for a free place. This is not to be considered a free stay, but rather a special government grant which reduces the school fee.

When the student reaches the age of 18, it is possible to apply for the State Educational Support.


If a student and his/her parents wish the student to withdraw from the school during a school year, school fees and any other incidental items on the student’s account are due until the end of the quarter in which the intent to withdraw has been communicated to the school.

If a student has to leave the school at the request of the school, fees are due until the end of the month in which the school’s decision has been communicated to the student.

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