IB 4

Music and culture

Music and Culture

You will gain in-depth knowledge of significant cultural issues. We place emphasis on language, literary and musical competences combined with analyses of social and cultural patterns, as well as mass media and mathematical descriptions.

Possible interdisciplinary subjects could be The American Dream, Musical Subcultures, or Music and Media.

In the artistic fields of study, everyone will take Music A as one of the compulsory specialised subjects. You can select your other compulsory specialised subject from English, Math or your continuation language.


Compulsory subjects:

  • Dansk A
  • Historie A
  • Musik A
  • Engelsk B
  • Matematik B
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi B
  • Tysk fortsætter B/Fransk fortsætter B/Spansk begynder A

  • Religion C
  • Oldtidskundskab C
  • Idræt C
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi C
  • Samfundsfag C



  • Engelsk A
  • Tysk/Fransk Fortsætter A
  • Matematik A
  • Idræt B
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C
  • Filosofi C
  • Psykologi C
  • Erhvervsøkonomi C