Grundskole 3

Global culture and communication

Global Culture and Communication

In these fields of study, language, culture and communication are at the centre. Through academic projects and interdisciplinary collaboration, you will get the opportunity to build great competence in world languages, and you will gain a broad knowledge of cultures and societies from around the world.

Possible interdisciplinary subjects could be Migration, Danish projects in Bolivia or The role of the Danish Embassy in Spain.

In the linguistic fields of study, you will have English and Spanish at A level as compulsory specialised subjects, including your continuation language at B level. To give you some time for working with the extra language subjects, it is possible to take Math and the three natural science subjects at C level.


Compulsory subjects:

  • Dansk A
  • Historie A
  • Engelsk A
  • Spansk A
  • Tysk/Fransk Fortsætter B
  • Religion C
  • Oldtidskundskab C
  • Idræt C
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi C
  • Matematik C
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C



  • Matematik A
  • Tysk/Fransk Fortsætter A
  • Idræt B
  • Biologi B
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C
  • Filosofi C
  • Psykologi C
  • Erhvervsøkonomi C