Gymnasiet 3

The Life Science program

Innovation and Technology with focus on the pharmaceutical industry

The students in the Life Science track are offered Mathematics at A-level and Physics and Chemistry at B-level as their field of study subjects.  In addition, all students will have Biology at B-level and Business Economics at C-level.

The Life Science track at Herlufsholm Skole has been developed as a collaboration between Herlufsholm Skole and The Fund for Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen University and the international pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibbs in order to create the optimal framework for an introduction to the opportunities and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

During the 3-year course of study, the students will be invited into the world of research and manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry in general by the above collaborating partners. The possibilities are legion and the themes may range from the use of lasers, radiation and robots to the potential of and ethical dilemmas associated with the very newest gene technology.

The emphasis will be on experimental and project-based learning with an international perspective. Stays abroad, internships in businesses and education will form an integral part of the study track.  In this connection you may expect additional expenses in connection with study trips and excursions of approximately DDK 8,000 for the three years.


Compulsory subjects:

  • Dansk A
  • Historie A
  • Matematik A
  • Fysik B
  • Kemi B
  • Biologi B
  • Engelsk B
  • Fortsættersprog B
  • Samfundsfag C
  • Religion C
  • Oldtidskundskab C
  • Idræt C
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C



  • Engelsk A
  • Fysik A
  • Kemi A
  • Tysk/Fransk/Spansk Fortsætter A