Explore the world with 10th grade Global Education

The future belongs to the global mindset.

The world is looking for creative people with critical thinking skills. The entrepreneurs. The ones who are not afraid to assume leadership and do the right thing. The ambitious ones who are happy to go all in to reach their goals. The thinkers. The fearless ones who see opportunities.

In 2019 Herlufholm launches a 10th grade for students who want to open the door to the world.

Explore your own and other cultures

In 10th grade Global Education we explore the world, and in the process we learn what it means to be Danish.

The students learn about the meeting of cultures through their education, study trip, exchange and being hosts and expand their intercultural understanding with an academic, exploratory approach to learning. At the same time they have a unique opportunity to practice their English language skills as most of their classes are conducted in English and because they are put in contact with students of their own age who do not speak Danish.

We go on an academic study trip, focus on team building when the common denominator is differences, and work with classroom culture in order to create a close-knit community of students who come from all corners of the world.

A return to Denmark

The Global Education class is for everyone who wants a year with international focus.

However, the education is particularly relevant for young people who have grown up outside Denmark and who have one or two parents with Danish roots. 10th grade Global Education allows students to get acquainted with the Danish school system and its tradition of (co)responsibility for their own learning.

Denmark has a fantastic, pedagogical perspective on education which creates an early foundation for creativity, critical thinking skills and independence. This study competence will benefit the students when they, for instance, choose high school or the international IB diploma and - especially - if they choose to go on to college or university.

Herlufsholm has a great deal of experience with bilingual students and offers a specialized, Danish-immersion course so the language skills improve rapidly.

A stepping stone to high school and IB program

A year in 10th grade Global Education does not obligate anyone to continue at Herlufsholm. However, the class is the perfect trial run for students who are considering high school or the international IB diploma.

The students can test their language skills in a safe, academic environment and find out whether the high school program or the IB Diploma is a good match. For students who are considering high school but may not yet have tried out the Danish education system, the 10th grade Global Education is a way of testing their Danish language skills and learn about the Danish education system which demands self-discipline and assumption of responsibility for their own learning. The students who are considering an international education will learn how it is to be taught in English and polish their English language skills so they are ready to take on the demanding IB education.

Global Education will start in the school year 2019/2020

We are really looking forward to welcoming an international 10th grade next school year. At present our Global Education team is working to define, plan and flesh out the framework and curriculum for the class.

If you want to hear more about the 10th grade Global Education class at Herlufsholm, we hope that you will visit our open house in October or December.


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