Grundskole 3

Improving academic performance in the 10th Go

The 10th Go at Herlufsholm is for those students who want a good start in High School, but who feel academically insecure or are lacking the academic energy necessary to get a good start. The goal of the school year is to prepare the students for the transition between middle and High School, to make their academic proficiency more robust, and to fill them with confidence.

Academic development and personal energy

The school year offers academic immersion in those subjects in which the students do not feel so strong. This is made possible by putting lessons into the lesson plan with no fixed subject, which the students can use to improve and develop their skills.

Each student is assigned a mentor who teaches them study techniques and how to take responsibility for their own study planning. They are introduced to Lectio, among other things, which is used in Upper Secondary, enabling them to keep an eye on school absences, read about their academic progress, see their homework and submit written assignments.

An experience beyond the ordinary

In the 10th Go, the students also go on a study trip abroad. There is a tradition that the students go to the Scottish city of Edinburgh, which offers both historical, exciting and somewhat creepy experiences, but which also offers academic input and a framework for immersion into a larger written assignment.

Clarification for the future

Some students choose 10th grade because they are not ready to decide what direction to take in the future. We help them on their way through a major study orientation assignment, in which they must consider study and business choices. At the same time, they will practice the ability to sort information, structure an assignment and convey their arguments and choices.

In addition, the students are also offered a bridge-building course so that they can test their preferred choice of study - both at Herlufsholm and elsewhere - and thereby see if it is really what they want to do.