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You and your family can come for a no-strings-attached visit to Herlufsholm School for one of our Open House events.

Open House is an opportunity to have a tour around the school and to learn more about the various fields of study. The event takes place on a Saturday, when school is in session for the students, so that it is possible to get a real feel for the life and culture here with us. There will be students and teachers present whom you can talk to.


For the school year 2019/2020, Herlufsholm School will hold Open Houses on:

  • october 5th

Open house with guided tours and possibility of meeting teachers and students. 

  • december 14th

Open house with guided tours and possibility of meeting teachers and students.

  • january 28th

Informational event about starting in our 6th and 7th grade. We will tell you about the beginning of the school year, our policies of well-being and companionship, our academic proficiency and expectations and the general life as a student at Herlufsholm.

  • february 1st

Open house for our 10th grade, high school and IB Diploma educations with guided tours and the possibility of meeting teachers and students.


Meet us abroad

Read about our international events here


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