Gateway to further education

Herlufsholm School is an academically strong school

We have a teaching staff that are enthusiastic about their subjects and about supporting our young people academically and personally, and among our students we discover a wish to improve and undergo a positive development.

Middle School

FP9 and FP10 2017: 97 students passed with an average score of 8.03 (FP9) and 8.68 (FP10).
See exam results for Herlufsholm Middle School here.
Our Middle School was number 1 out of 25 schools in Næstved Municipality and as 95 out of all 1338 Danish schools in CEPOS ranking in terms of ability to improve/lift.

High School

STX 2019: 104 students graduated with a score of 8,0
See exam results for Herlufsholm High School here.
In 2018 our High School ranked as number 11 out of 140 Danish High Schools and our socioeconomic ability to improve/lift is +0,2

IB Diploma

IB 2019: 14 students graduated with an average score of 33,4.

82,3% of the class graduated

See exam results for Herlufsholm IB Diploma here.