A modern school based on strong traditions


Students at Herlufsholm are equipped to mee a world that is in constantly changing. A strong sense of community and a global outlook is the foundation that enables students from Herlufsholm to have the ability and boldness to take personal responsibility - for themselves, for their community and for the time in which they live.


The Students thrive and are challenged to pursue academic as well as personal development. The history, traditions and values of the school form the foundation of a life-long community


From a historical point of view Herlufsholm still rests on a Christian educational and cultural foundation. The respect for each individual and the belief in the common value of human beings lead to a throughout friendly and open atmosphere throughout. Everyday life is characterized by a friendly attitude, courtesy and openness in dealing with people.

Our core values at Herlufsholm are personal development, life-long learning, social responsibility and global outlook.


  • Personal Development

At Herlufsholm, you have the right and duty to continuously develop yourself and eachother. A herlovian is committed, responsible, courageous, independent and cultured.

The framework that apply to teachng and boarding schools helps to structure the student’s everyday life and creates the security and well-being, that are prerequisites for developing individual abilities. This happens through a combination of subordinance and independence, where it becomes natural to unfold your personality and at the same time be loyal and feel responsible for your school and peers.

When you work consciously to develop your skills and self-reliance in a process where things get interesting, require courage and ultimately leads to personal development, it is important to feel that you have solid ground below your feet. Both in academic work and in the extra-curricular pursuits, the key is making an effort and doing your best every time.

  • Life-long Learning


Academic learning, critical thinking and creativity are key factors that together motivate students to do their best. At Herlufsholm, the foundation is laid for a journey of learning, which can continue throughout life.

In learning lies a source of wondering and being curious and open to everything that calls for insight and a deeper understanding, but also for a need to be critical of your findings - perhaps there is a better way to approach the subject at hand.

To be specific, you have to understand and feel a responsibility towards the personal and academic requirements the education demands.

Young people may have a difficult time understanding the importance of all the subjects that are included in their academic and general education, but it is the goal of the school that everyone – students and staff – feels a duty and a desire to improve their skills in collaboration with others – also in subjects and activities that may seem difficult and demand time and painstaking work.

Learning is not only a part of the school, but an element in the rest of the life you are going to have which means that the foundation is laid at the school.


  • Responsibility

A Herlovian collaborates and exhibits tolerance and empathy. Students repect their own traditions and values as well as those of others. They have a sense of community and care about the environment and our common globe.

We care about the things we do and seek to commit ourselves to our actions, big and small. All kinds of student initiatives help to support engagement, collaboration and leadership skills - both in terms of charitable work and in participation in committees or the many other activities of everyday life.

At Herlufsholm we respect and trust each other. We value credibility in both words and actions and we facilitate both the sense of responsibility and duty as well as the personal courage it takes to meet other people with confidence and respect. At such meetings we get to know each other, and thus we build a solid foundation for understanding and tolerance.

The beautiful surroundings at Herlufsholm plays a part in the development of an aesthetic sense and brings joy to our daily life. We see these surroundings in relation to our traditions and gain a healthy respect for both along the way, that drives a commitment to safeguarding and protecting not only our surroundings and traditions, but also those we meet on our way in life and in the world. At Herlufsholm, there is no room for indifference.


  • Global Outlook

Herlovians are global citizens. They show international and cultural understanding based on democracy, sustainability and christian, humanistic values.

Like Herluf Trolle and Birgitte Gøye in 1565 in foresight created something completely new, Herlufsholm is still characterized by openness and understanding. Students and employees are open to the outside world, to other people, to development of society and to new ideas and methods. We are all on a constant journey towards improvement at Herlufsholm with the aim of contributing to a better world. Being open to and tolerant of cultural differences does not mean that we consider all values to be equally good, but the responsible person shows respect for others having different values.

Having a global outlook means taking responsibility for ourselves and for each other, being committed to our own development while keeping others in mind and finding a solid place from where it is possible to make room for others and understand ourselves in relation to the world we live in.