A modern school based on strong traditions


The presence of history is the framework of modern schooling at Herlufsholm.

Our standards are among the best in the world in terms of atmosphere and results. Each individual student is constantly supported and challenged to improve in his or her academic and personal development.

The Herlovian community feeling rests on the school’s history, traditions and values like responsibility, academic learning and commitment.


We strive to ensure that the educational ideals held by our founders continue to thrive in a contemporary framework, and that Herlufsholm is a fiscally sound establishment.

Our core values provide a foundation for the well-being and achievement of our students, which we are committed to furthering, for their sake and for the continued development of our school. 


From a historical point of view Herlufsholm still rests on a Christian educational and cultural foundation. The respect for each individual and the belief in the common value of human beings lead to a throughout friendly and open atmosphere throughout. Everyday life is characterized by a friendly attitude, courtesy and openness in dealing with people.

Our core values at Herlufsholm are academia, commitment and responsibility.

  • Academia
    Academia means to wonder and be curious and open in matters that call for insight and a deeper understanding. It means to understand and be responsible for the academic demands that an education calls for. It is important to feel that one stands on firm ground when working to improve one’s skills – in a process where things become interesting and a part of one’s personal development. Both academically and in the many possibilities for development in one’s leisure time it is important to strive and do one’s best.

  • Commitment
    At Herlufsholm there is no room for indifference. We take an interest in what we do and strive to be committed in our actions, small as well as big ones. Student initiatives in many fields help to support commitment and leadership – in charity work, in participation in committees and in the many other activities of everyday life.

  • Responsibility
    Responsibility means to be responsible to oneself and to others, to be committed to one’s own development and have an eye for others, to find a place of one’s own and create the possibilities for others, and to see oneself in interaction with the world we live in. Responsibility is also to be open and show tolerance to the world and to cultural differences.
    The framework for the teaching and for the boarding school helps to structure the students’ everyday lives and create the secure environment that is a prerequisite for developing one’s individual abilities in a mixture of adaptation and independence, where it becomes natural to develop one’s own personality and at the same time be loyal and helpful and feel responsible for the school and friends.