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The Middle School at Herlufsholm

The future begins at school.

The Middle School are important years in the academic and personal development of the students. At Herlufsholm we meet the students wherever they are, and we help them move forward. Put academic proficiency at the centre and have a school life filled with learning, friendships, and development, and you will build a good and solid foundation for continuing to further education.

A different school

Herlufsholm means choosing the spirit of history, traditions and strong values. As a private school, we can shape our Middle School in the way that we believe provides the best foundation for the academic and personal development of our students.

Therefore, we have:

  • Low class quotas with approx. 20-22 students in each class
  • Grades in all years and for all final exams
  • Practical, musical courses all the way to the final examinations
  • Teachers who teach only in their own specialised subjects and who are rarely replaced
  • Schoolwear that creates a sense of community
  • Camps, study tours and excursions

The right framework for learning

At Herlufsholm we place great emphasis on student well-being because we believe that well-being is essential for the learning environment. In all year levels we spend time creating an inspirational learning room, academic courses that stimulate a sense of community and open discussions with the students about conflict resolution and co-responsibility.

Individual development is emphasised through the teachers' focus on professional and personal development. We create a thread through the students' time here, which helps foster a progression towards more knowledge, greater self-confidence and maturity to cope with High School education. Herlufsholm is among the best schools in the country, measured by lifting capacity, and our students perform very well at FP9 and FP10. 75% of our Middle School graduates continue to our High School.

A versatile extra-curricular program for everyone

There are certain advantages to being able to spend time on your extra-curricular activities at your campus after school hours, and our extra-curricular program is, therefore, a great success for day and boarding students alike. For the creative and musical students, there is the opportunity to participate in music courses, visual arts and drama. There is also ample opportunity for more physical activities, such as football, ultimate, cheerleading, tennis, etc. Students can engage themselves in charities, challenge themselves in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program or participate in Round Square exchanges and travel.


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