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10th Grade at Herlufsholm

Are you dreaming of a year when you can experience the world, immerse yourself in academics and have a lot of fun and exciting experiences with your classmates?

10th grade at Herlufsholm offers an experience above and beyond the ordinary and gives you the option of spending a year on whatever it is you are interested in.

Raise your expectations

The school year at Herlufsholm is packed with exciting traditions and fun activities.

Put on your party clothes at one of many balls. Grab a bow and arrow and become Fuglekonge if you shoot down the wooden bird at the annual Fugleskydning. Support a good cause by participating in the sponsored race around the Sus River or by selling Christmas items at the annual Christmas bazaar.

Perform for your friends with music or songs at fun Starmix events. Travel the world and help small communities renovate schools, or help build bridges, distribute eyeglasses or attend international conferences or MUN conventions.

There are so many opportunities to give a strong, academic education a unique twist filled with experiences.

Do you want to know more? Click on the link and read more about traditions, leisure time, charity, conferences, and foreign exchanges.

Two exciting offers

10th grade is a choice for students who want something extra when they choose a secondary school education. That is why we here at Herlufsholm have two offers that focus on two different needs, both of which offer a strong, academic education with highly skilled teachers in smaller classes with focus on learning, well-being and personal growth. You can read more about our 10. grades in this flyer


10th grade Go

Your academic growth is in focus when we offer academic immersion in the 10th Go subjects where you feel less prepared. The focus is on making you ready for high school, interested in school work and filled with self-confidence. You are offered a mentor and are trained in study techniques and study planning. You will go on the annual study trip abroad and have the option of being in the bridge building program with the high school or the international educations at Herlufsholm.

Read more about 10th Go here.


Move in with your friends

A year at a regular boarding school or a 9th/10th grade boarding school is a fantastic opportunity to grow close friendships.

Living with your classmates creates a very special community that provides ample opportunities to do homework, relax, attend leisure activities or social activities in the student houses together. The students at Herlufsholm live together in smaller student houses, and each student house has a house master who is responsible for the students’ day-to-day life and well-being.

You will have your own room, but the students in each house sleep in a dormitory at Herlufsholm. It contributes to a friendly atmosphere and strengthens the feeling of community when you fall asleep and wake up together. It is also a tradition that the students arrange fun social events in their houses and go to the movies or to restaurants together.

If you want to know more about the boarding school, read here: Move in as a boarder.