Round Square

Life as a world citizen

We like to challenge our students to challenge themselves.

Through a number of challenges that take courage, independence, imagination and resolution young people are formed professionally and personally and learn to take responsibility for the world they live in. In meeting other nationalities and cultures the young people are learning about themselves, their backgrounds and roots, and they practice dealing with people that have a different outlook on life. That takes openness, tolerance and curiosity.


International cooperation among schools

In 2009 Herlufsholm became a member of the international school cooperation Round Square. Herlufsholm is the only school in the Nordic countries that is part of this network. On a world basis there are 180 schools. Our membership gives us opportunity for exchange visits, conferences and charity abroad in schools that embody the Round Square spirit and build on the 6 IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, Service).

Every year the students elect a Round Square committee that plans and realizes various activities. The students are trained in leadership, given responsibility and important experiences. To appreciate the hard work that many students put into the Round Square activities a King Konstantin medal is given to students who have especially lived up to the Round Square spirit. It is also possible to be listed on the Round Square’s Honor Board as a recognition of “exceptional acts of service”.

Your international experience

If you dream of an education that takes you into the world and gives you many networks, whether it be a school exchange, exciting conferences or working for a good cause, Herlufsholm can give you that.

We consider it vital that you are prepared for life as a world citizen, both through your schooling at Herlufsholm and by seeking the opportunities to have important and stimulating experiences in the international arena.