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Herlufsholm Middle School

When the students begin their life at Herlufsholm in the Middle School in the 6th grade, they come from many different backgrounds and schools. Therefore, the introductory course in the 6th grade is focused on care, the learning environment and a sense of community, in order to create the foundation for the best possible start.

7th, 8th and 9th grades are part of the preparation for further education. The lower secondary level is focused on making the students ready for further studying by teaching them how to plan and manage their study time independently. For those students who want an additional year focused on getting ready for High School, Herlufsholm also offers a 10th grade. This is a school year aimed at making the students strong and ready for further schooling, in order to provide them with the necessary resilience to transition to upper secondary.

Herlufsholm High School

The High School at Herlufsholm prioritises academic proficiency. Here, the students will gain the study qualifications required for higher education in Denmark and abroad. A mentor, chosen from among their teachers, is assigned to all students from amongst their teachers, and this mentor will support their academic and personal development on a continuous basis. Five fields of study are offered, each with their own focus.

Herlufsholm International Courses

For students with an international outlook, Herlufsholm offers Pre-IB and IB Diploma. The IB Diploma program is a two-year university preparatory program that is internationally recognised and taught exclusively in English. In preparation for this, Pre-IB is offered, which readies the students for the highly demanding IB education by strengthening the students' reflective and academic skills.

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