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High School at Herlufsholm

At Herlufsholm we have ambitions on your behalf.

We offer you an academically strong education combined with an international outlook and classical formation, which prepares you for university and life as a citizen of the world. You will gain a broad knowledge of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The High School aims to improve your general education, and it is for those who want broad knowledge and understanding of their surroundings and their historical place in the world.

Academic proficiency and development

Our goal is to make you perfect your skills as much as possible. At the start of the school year, you will be assigned a mentor from among your teachers who will follow you and support you through ongoing conversations. Your mentor will inspire you and guide you to achieve better results and to keep focussed, even though life as a student may be challenging at times.

We have a range of offers and activities which are combined to make up the framework for your academic development. You can attend a study café, use our study areas for group work and group reading or take extra classes either alone or in small teams. If you have a special subject of interest that you are passionate about and which you have the academic energy to pursue even further, Herlufsholm also offers the opportunity to participate in national as well as international competitions and activities through our talent program.

Your personal development is an important prerequisite for achieving a high academic level. Therefore, both professional and personal development are parts of that formation, which we want you to take away with you from your time with us. We want to see you grow as a human being and therefore we offer a wealth of extra-curricular activities that allow you to unfold your creative talent, challenging you physically and collaboratively, requiring leadership and clout. Through our international offerings, you can go on exchanges and conferences, helping you to build an international network.

High School structure

The High School is a 3-year youth education programme, divided into a basic course of 12 weeks followed by a course of study of about 2½ years.

When starting in upper secondary, you embark on an academic and personal journey, where the goal is to get ready for higher education. You will start with a 12-week foundation course that will help you clarify which course of study is right for you. Here, you will be introduced to a representative selection of High School subjects and Herlufsholm's overall study programme. At the end of the foundation course, we ask you which of the courses offered by the school you prefer, and on the basis of the requests that we receive, the students will be divided into classes, which will remain fixed for the rest of Upper Secondary.

Fields of study

Herlufsholm offers courses within all four fields of study, each with their own different possibilities for combining compulsory specialised subjects and electives. Click and read more about the area that interests you.