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Grasp the opportunity to know more, do more and achieve more.

At Herlufsholm, we embrace the whole human being, enabling them to lead and take responsibility - for themselves, for each other and for the community we are all part of. We do this through personal development, professionalism and physical activity.

We aim to give dedicated and talented young people the opportunity to excel for their own benefit and the common good. We are passionately interested in continually improving; developing the school, our students and ourselves - personally as well as professionally. Focusing on the individual at Herlufsholm, ensuring everybody feels at ease. We support and challenge our students to develop both professionally and personally through schooling, extra-curricular activities and a tolerant and caring culture.

At Herlufsholm, we engage both globally and locally. We contribute to our local community and collaborate, both nationally and internationally; with educational institutions, companies and organizations that create unique opportunities for learning and personal development.

Herlufsholm is a decision to strive for more.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Solidarity & Ambitions

Herlufsholm is the setting of an amazing student community.

The Herlovian community is characterized by solidarity, fun experiences and caring friendships. We do our best to teach the students to handle the conflicts and challenges of teenage life today but it is their joy of life and ability to include others that give the community value and strength.

When becoming a Herlovian, you also enter a global network of former students that stick together across generations. Our alumnies love social gatherings, helping each other and sharing anecdotes of their time at Herlufsholm. Herlovianersamfundet was founded in 1850, making it the oldest Danish alumni community.

Herlovians are ambitious people. They are driven and have a natural curiosity towards the surrounding world. With a strong network and education at hand, they are ready toface life as world citizens.


Choosing a school is not an easy decision. Many questions need to be answered, and we know that a good, personal chemistry fosters an honest and warm dialogue. Please do not hesitate to contact us or come by for an informal conversation and tour.

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