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School fees

Herlufsholm is a private school, and all enrolled students therefore have to pay school fees, quarterly in advance. The fees cover teaching and lunch for day students, and for boarders also life in the student houses, meals, laundry and medical care.

School fees 20/21

Day students:

6th grade: 42.640 dkk
7th grade - 3.G: 53.300 dkk

Boarders: 157.000 dkk

It will not be possible for students in the 6. grade to apply for reduced fees. You must however apply for Residence Support as a prerequisite for the lowered fees for 6. grade. The Residence Support application must be filled in, signed and mailed to

Admission fees:

Day students: 6.500 dkk
Boarders: 10.000 dkk


Day students: 1.000 dkk
Boarders: 2.000 dkk


Additional fees for day students and boarders:

Samfund & Business line: extra 10.000 dkk per year
Pre-IB: extra 35.800 dkk per year
IB Diploma: extra 71.800 dkk per year


Other expenses during the students’ stay at the school:

  • School clothing
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Excursions and day trips
  • Study trips, camp school and intro days
  • Traditional arrangements at the school, e.g. “fugleskydning”, game evening, mask ball and last day of school
  • Possible extra tuition
  • Dictionaries, calculators and special books

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us

Apply for reduced fees

There are no full scholarships at Herlufsholm, but it is possible to seek a reduction in fees up to 20%. When the student turns 18 years old, it is possible to apply for SU.

Read more about reduced fees for people with limited means and for siblings: