IB 2


The 1-year Pre-IB course at Herlufsholm is the perfect steppingstone for the highly demanding IB Diploma education. During this preparatory year, you will get the opportunity to become used to being taught in English, to improve and strengthen your study skills, and to prepare yourself as much as possible for the international baccalaureate.

We put a special emphasis on the Danish language. Even though all classes are taught in English, Danish is still the primary language of communication, and we offer you Danish at two levels and an intensive Danish course at the beginning of the school year if you need it.

Pre-IB curriculum

The pre-IB curriculum is structured around the core subjects of the IB study programme and is taught both with academic depth and interdisciplinary excellence, where it is easy to add depth and interdisciplinary subjects. In this way, you will be introduced to the IB study form, both in teaching - for tests and exams - and by training your skills so that you can more confidently, responsibly and reflexively start your further education.

Pre-IB opens doors

Almost all our students on Pre-IB choose to continue on to the international IB Diploma education. During the course of the year, should you decide to switch to the Danish High School instead, the system is usually flexible enough for you to be transferred to STX after the foundation course.


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