Be your best

If you are strong academically, organizationally or personally Herlufsholm will encourage you to further develop your talents and study skills, and you will have unique possibilities and exciting networks.

The good can become the best

We are a certified school for talents. Through many years students at Herlufsholm have excelled in national talent competitions within the natural sciences and the humanities. We are ambitious on your behalf and want to further your talents in many directions, so that we give most of our students the opportunities to work for and improve what they are enthusiastic about.

This might include;

  • Young scientists
  • Project Young Scientists
  • Georg Mohr Mathematics
  • Science Olympic Games

Apart from what the school can offer we want to give you the opportunity to work with external partners, for example Academy for Talented Youth, Junior Talent, Science Talent or master classes and external speakers

Certified Talent School

Herlufsholm is a certified talent school with an educated talent counsellor. Read more about the Danish talent school offers for talented children and youngsters.

We have been a certified talent school since 2017