Apply for a grant

At this page you will find information regarding Herlufsholm's sibling discount and grant application.

Before you apply


Before medio April, the application forms found below can only be used to apply for grants for the current school year!

If you need to discuss the possibility of receiving a grant for the upcoming school year before medio April, you can contact Accountant Helle Hessner at +45 5575 3501

Using the form at the bottom of this page, you can apply online for a grant.

Before you starting filling in the required information, you will need to prepare several documents as they must be attached to your grant application.

Sibling discount

You need no extra documentation when applying for a sibling disount. Simply use the application form at the bottom of this page.


Before you open our online form, we ask you to prepare the following for yourself and possible spouse/partner:

  • Annual Tax Return for last year
  • Preliminary Assessment of Income for current year
  • Possible Documentation for Foreign Income

If you apply for a reduction of school fees, you must also fill in and attach the following:

Deadline for applications

The deadline for grant applications are June 1st.

You must apply every year given that fee reductions are only granted for one year.

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