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Apply for a grant

On this page, you can apply for sibling discount and income-based moderation of the school fee. You need to fill out both a general grant application as well as any required forms.


Before you apply


Before ultimo April, the application forms found below can only be used to apply for grants for the current school year!

If you need to discuss the possibility of receiving a grant for the upcoming school year before ultimo April, you can contact us at or by phone: +45 5575 3501.

Before you start filling in the required information, you will need to prepare several documents as they must be attached to your grant application.

Sibling discount

You need no extra documentation when applying for a sibling discount. Simply use the general grant application.



In addition to the annual tax return for last year, the preliminary assessment of income for current year, and possible documentation for foreign income for both yourself and any spouse/partner, you must also fill out and attach the following:

Day Students for Middle School:

General grant application + Eunomia application for tuition

Boarding Students for Middle School:

General grant application + Eunomia application for tuitionEunomia residence support

All Students younger than 18 for STX and IB:

General grant application + Application for tuition

All Students older than 18 for STX and IB:

General grant application. Students over 18 years old do not need to fill out additional forms but can instead apply for State Educational Support


Deadline for applications

The deadline for grant applications is June 1.

You must apply every year as fee reductions are only granted for one year.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.