Birgitte Gøye Gården

Birgitte Gøye Gården is named after the founder and first director of the school, Birgitte Gøye.

The Gøye House became the first house for girls at Herlufsholm when it opened in 1985. Today the House is still only for girls, girls from 1-3 G and IB.

The girls have a fully furnished room with locker, desk, lamp, shelf and sofa. Most girls bring some extra things to their room in order to give it a more personal look.

The dorm teacher is Elsebeth Aarsø. Elsebeth, together with her late husband, came to Herlufsholm in 1986, from 1993 as dorm teachers at Birgitte Gøye Gården. Since 2010, when her husband Nils died, she has been living alone in the house. Elsebeth has two daughters, Arendse and Louise, who both moved out long ago. Louise was a student at Herlufsholm and graduated in 1994. Elsebeth also has five grandchildren, who often come to Herlufsholm.