Bodilgården is the newest dormitory at Herlufsholm and it is divided into smaller sections in six wings.

Bodilgården has the youngest boarders, most from the middle school and a few from High School and IB.

The students at Bodilgården have either a single or double room, fully furnished with locker, work desk, lamp, shelf and sofa. Most of the students bring some extra items to the room to give it a more personal feel. Each wing has a dormitory where the students sleep. Boys and girls sleep separately.

The dorm teachers are Mads Kjær and Pernille Nohr Rasmussen. They have three children; the oldest graduated from Herlufsholm in 2018, and the two other children are in 3.g and 6th grade at the school. Mads came to Herlufsholm as a teacher in 2011 and became a dorm teacher from 2013.