Vuen was built in 1969 with financial support from Herlovianerfonden and used to be a house for the youngest pupils, which gave it the nickname “Vuggestuen” (nursery), Vuen.

Today boys and girls from High School and IB live here.

All the students get a single room fully furnished with locker, work desk, lamp, shelf and sofa. Most of the students bring a little extra to give a personal touch to the room. The house has two dormitories, one for girls, and one for boys.

The dorm teachers are Jacob Normann and Lotte Normann Stourup, who have lived here since 1992. Jacob is in charge of our extracurricular programme and was a student at Herlufsholm and also lived here as a child. They have three children, who have left home, and one grandchild who often visits them.