Ordering a birthday treat

A birthday treat is available all days. The student will pick up the treat in the school kitchen on her or his birthday between 2.30 and 3.30 p.m.

Please note that the order must be send no later than 8 days before the birthday.

Payment will be sent along with the main payment.

Bestilling af fødselsdagspakke // Ordering birthday treat

Parent or giver
Parent/giver e-mail
Student's name
Number of guests
Date of delivery
Bestilling af kage / Ordering cake
Bestilling af drikkevarer // Ordering drinks
Andet // Other
Tallerken/kop/ske. Koster 45 kr. uanset antal.
Message for our kitchen staff
Bekræft // Confirm
By ticking this box, you confirm that this order is correct, and that you/your parents are informed that the order will be paid along with the mail payment.