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Make Herlufsholm your home

Welcome to a unique community that embraces you, makes your daily life more fun, and gives you friendships that last a lifetime. When you move in as a boarder you will be living with students your own age in one of the school’s 9 student houses. You will have your own room, there is a common room with TV where you can relax with your friends, a little kitchen, toilets and wash rooms. As a special thing the students sleep together in dormitories, boys’ dormitories for boys and girls’ dormitories for girls.

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Life as a boarder

There is a fantastic community feeling when you move into a school. At Herlufsholm Boarding School we try to structure the day in a way that all students have the opportunity to relax, participate in activities and study. Every other weekend you remain at the school, and the boarding school life offers many activities like tournaments between the houses, visits to the cinema, cosy evenings at home – in addition to all the other traditions, balls and activities of the school. It is never boring to be a boarder at Herlufsholm.

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Each year we accept new students based on individual interviews. If you like to be considered you just have to send an application to us, and we will subsequently invite you to an admission interview. You are also welcome to come by for a preliminary talk and tour.

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