Health and Nutrition

The Kitchen at Herlufsholm offers students varied, attractive and healthy meals, nutritionally put together in accordance with the dietary advice of the Fødevarestyrelsen. We work hard to make sure that the meals are tasty, and we encourage the students to explore new taste sensations and widen their knowledge of seasonal vegetables and the diversity of ingredients available locally and globally. We need to practice eating a varied diet and get the nutrients we need to stay healthy and well – avoiding diet related illnesses in the long term.

We know how important diet and exercise are when it comes to gaining as much as possible from school and spare time. That is why we wish to stimulate the students´ awareness of a healthy diet and make them understand the relation between the food we eat and the sensation of health, energy and well-being in everyday life.


Eat Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables form part of every meal, contain relatively few calories but have a lot of the minerals and vitamins needed to keep the body healthy and well – particularly cabbage and root vegetables contain many dietary fibers.


Vegetarian Diet, Allergies and Special Needs

We make sure that all meals contain fruit, vegetables or vegetable based dishes, so that it is possible for all to put together a varied meal.

Different varieties of fish or soup are often on the lunch buffet menu. The kitchen is able to accommodate any allergies that have been diagnosed by a doctor. SUS, the school´s hospital will advise the kitchen on this matter.


Student Influence on the Food

The student council’s food committee consists of representatives from the student council and teachers. The committee will meet regularly to discuss food plans and to exchange ideas concerning the food. Each year we conduct a nutrition survey where students have the possibility of airing their opinion on our meals, and students in both dining halls may deposit their comments and requests regarding the food in a box.

The kitchen reviews these notes and brings them along to meetings with the food committee.


Mandatory Presence at Meal Times

A healthy life style means wellness, well-being, energy and health. The school sees it as its responsibility that the students develop good eating habits and become aware of nutritious, healthy and varied food. It is therefore mandatory to show up for all meals. The fellowship at the tables is also an important part of the social life at Herlufsholm.