Hummer 4

A different routine

At the boarding school your day starts at 7:00 am. You have breakfast in our dining halls, and the first lesson starts at 8:05 am. At some point during the morning you will be offered a bun or fruit, have lunch with your class before academic lessons stop and you return to your house.

In the afternoon and evening you can choose from a variety of activities offered by the school. You can do your homework and hang out with your friends; you will be offered an afternoon snack and supper in the evening. We have two study periods when all students are expected to stay in their rooms. The fixed study periods help you to concentrate on your homework without wondering if your friends are engaged in more fun activities.

Depending on your year, 'lights out' is between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

What happens in your spare time?

All boarders have to take part in minimum one weekly activity. There is something for every taste in our extracurricular programme, and if you like to take part in the planning, you can be a member of our extracurricular team where new activities are introduced and you can plan what happens in the weekends.

You can also use your free time to go to Næstved, take a walk in the woods, play computer games, take a nap or hang out with your friends.

Approximately every other weekend you remain at the school, and in these weekends we have a special activities programme. That can be school or house championships, ball games, café evenings, school balls according to our traditions, visits from other schools and the like. Often each house puts on a special event, e.g. a trip to the cinema, restaurant or maybe paintball, according to the interests in the house.

Be Passionate

We want you to find something you can be passionate about while you are at the school. To make your day more interesting we have a wide variety of extracurricular activities that you are free to choose from.