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Confident children learn more

We focus on care, the learning environment and togetherness when your child begins in the 6th grade at Herlufsholm.

The students come from many different backgrounds and schools, but most are local children who have chosen Herlufsholm to build a strong academic foundation.

Well-balanced academic proficiency

If your child is starting in our 6th grade, we set out with interdisciplinary courses where the focus is on giving everyone the best start at an academically-demanding school. We make sure to balance the academic requirements by prioritising the musical-creative perspective. As an example, all pupils in Herlufsholm's Middle School have visual arts and music throughout the course.

A safe environment creates a framework for curiosity

We know that it's important for your child to have a safe foundation and good friends. That is why our welfare counsellor helps the students build skills as early as the 6th grade, enabling them to constructively deal with conflicts that may arise in connection with group work and mutual differences.

We emphasise classroom culture to create peace around your child, so that he or she can concentrate, dare to participate actively, and build up a healthy level of self-esteem. In our Middle School classes, there is an average of 22 students in each class and a low turnover of staff.

We support your child's development

All students get grades in order to quickly identify their strong and weak subjects. In order to help them on their way, the students are offered help from one of their resource teachers if a task is too challenging for them.

Your child becomes part of a community

Educating children and young people side by side makes for a special atmosphere. Our older students are helpful and take their responsibilities as role models seriously. Once your child is incorporated into the Herlovian community, academic proficiency, accountability and commitment become the ideals to pursue.