Herlufsholm Transition Programmes

It is possible for you to try Herlufsholm transition programmes for High School and IB Diploma if you are enrolled at a Danish school in 8th or 9th grade.

Here you will get a feel of what it means to be a student at Herlufsholm. You can experience for yourself how we work with teaching at our Upper Secondary education, and you will learn about what is required of you. You get insight into the subjects and courses we offer and what a diploma from Herlufsholm can be used for. If you are considering the international line, you can see what it is like to be taught in English with young people from all over the world.

Over time, you will experience the various parts of the school, and you will be introduced to Herlufsholm and the special culture that the school has. For example, you will attend the morning song, have lunch with the students in the school's dining room, and you will also try out our schoolwear. Naturally, you won't have to go out and buy a school uniform, but we do ask you to customize your attire so that it matches the schoolwear as much as possible. This means that you have to wear clothes in the colours dark/medium grey and dark blue, and are not allowed to wear a hat or cap during school hours.

Registration for our transition programme is done via the Youth Guidance Centre. Please notice that the transition programme is a part of the Danish school system and only offered students enrolled at Danish schools.

Practical information for those going to Herlufsholm

We look forward to welcoming you for some exciting days at Herlufsholm.

The first day you will be at the school from 08.05 to 14.30. You will meet a teacher and the other bridge-building students at the school's café area, known as Hylen. If you have not been to the school before, please go to our office or ask one of our students for directions. We begin with a welcome and a tour around the school.

Afterwards, you will be given your timetable, and then the day will really begin.

You will follow the general daytime rhythm of the High School and the IB students. You can see your subjects and rooms on your timetable, and at 10:20 you will receive a morning bun/a piece of fruit at Hylen. You will lunch together with the school's other students in the dining rooms. Both meals are provided.

You are of course welcome to look around the school, but we ask you to respect that the dormitories are only for the school's boarding students. If you want to walk around by yourself, you can get an overview map at the school's office, thus ensuring that you don't go into the wrong places.

If you have any questions, if you get sick or have trouble finding your way, please don't hesitate to talk to one of our secretaries. You can call +45 55 75 35 00 or write an email to

High School and IB

You can read more about our High School, the fields of study and the international courses Pre-IB and IB Diploma here.