2 exciting weeks at Herlufsholm

Herlufsholm also offers a summer school for children aged 12-16 years.

Each year, the summer school welcomes Danish and foreign children who want to experience the special atmosphere that Herlufsholm has to offer, and who wish to try out an international environment. It is a small summer school with approx. 35-40 participants, so everybody gets to know each other, and there is time and space for everyone to be seen and heard.

For the foreign students, summer school is a chance to experience what it is like to go to a Danish boarding school. They are taught basic Danish, learn about Danish culture and society, and they get an impression of how they would feel being a boarding student at Herlufsholm.

The Danish students are mixed with the foreign ones, so there is ample opportunity to train in English language and to gain greater assurance by discovering that they can easily make themselves understood, even though their English language may not always be perfect. They are also assigned a special media project where they learn about presentation techniques, interviews and, not least, to plan a film project, including recording, editing and cutting.

The joint program of the Summer School offers physical and creative activities. Every day, the students participate in sports and games, and everyone must be signed up for a creative subject, which can be music, drama or visual arts. In addition, the program is packed with enjoyable social evenings and excursions.


Interested in Herlufsholm Summer School?

You can read more about the summer school, see the program and hear what previous participants have said about the course by clicking on the summer school website.

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