Kostskolen 8

An Enduring Community of Friends

Apart from your exam certificate the community of Herlovianere is the most important thing you take with you as a graduate from Herlufsholm. During your time here you will get fantastic friends in Denmark and abroad, and - especially as a boarder - you will find that living so closely together makes you feel like one big family.

We take care of each other

Most days it is fun to be a boarder. To live together with your classmates makes the days more fun, because you can do homework together, share activities like football, studio or debating, or just hang out in a sofa and watch TV. There is always something going on, if you want to participate.You can also find peace and quiet in your room, you can solve a difficult task with a friend, or you can just have some time on your own.

A dorm teacher and his/her family live next to the dormitory. They are there to run the house and help you along. If you are homesick and need a grown-up or if you worry, if you are stressed or other things, it is very good to have a close grown-up contact. 

250 New Friends

It is a big decision when you decide to become a boarder at Herlufsholm. You live together in a community, you learn to be considerate and be open to different priorities and values than your own. These are good qualities to take with you later in life.

The strong feeling of community and the good experiences –both for day students and for boarders – means that our graduates enjoy coming to visit Herlufsholm. We have the oldest network in Denmark for former students, Herlovianersamfundet, and we offer an alumni network so that you can keep in contact with your own year, or years younger or older than yourself.

You will have 250 new friends when you move in, but you also become a part of a 450-year-old tradition and a network beyond the school’s physical boundaries and your time at the school.

Alumni activities

Even though we are sorry to see you leave, we are also happy to see our students make their way into the world. If you wish to stay in touch with your old school and classmates, you can maintain your Herlufsholm Network by registering as an Herlufsholm Alumni and use the school’s free, online service. You may also become a member of the independent student organization “Herlovianersamfundet”.