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Giving something back

Apart from a solid academic basis Herlufsholm also wants you to go through a personal development of character where you learn to become a responsible person. That is why we encourage all our students to take part in voluntary work.

Voluntary work gives you the chance for close relations with other people who often have different backgrounds from you. This will develop your empathic skills and give you experiences on many levels. In this way you will be better at facing challenges that require generosity, courage, imagination and firmness of principle.

We can help you to get involved in charity and have established cooperation with a number of institutions, both domestic and foreign.

At the school

  • Collections
  • Tutor work
  • Help in the school café or fitness center



  • Round Square Projects, e.g. in Kenya, South Africa, Peru and Thailand
  • Eye Camps, i.e. in India, where students alongside other international schools carry out sight tests and choose classes for locals 

Good reason to be proud

At Herlufsholm we celebrate the ones who give without expecting to get something back. We are proud that our students have a strong tradition in participating in annual collections. Since 1996 we have collected more than 1.000,000 DKK for SOS villages.

Herluf Trolle said that “Golden chains put you under an obligation”. That is why our students are responsible for the majority of collections for charity at the various projects in the school.