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Open Day

Open House is an opportunity to have a tour around the school and to learn more about the various fields of study. The event takes place on a Saturday, when school is in session for the students, so that it is possible to get a real feel for the life and culture here with us. There will be students and teachers present whom you can talk to.


For the school year 2021/2022, Herlufsholm School will hold Open Day events on:

  • February 5th at 12pm - Open Day for high school and IB

Open Day is for everyone interested in becoming a student at Herlufsholm in high school or IB. Headmaster Mikkel Kjellberg will begin the event with a presentation about the high school at Herlufsholm followed by a guided tour at the school and a "studycafe". The event will begin at 12pm and last until 2.30pm.

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