Herlufsholm is an extraordinary school

The first time you visit Herlufsholm you will discover a special atmosphere. The historical spirit, the old buildings and the beautiful green area create a unique framework for education and life as a boarder. A community will embrace you that makes your life as a student exciting, fun and at times challenging, and which will open doors for you when you leave us sometimes in the future.

Herlufsholm is for those who want an exciting school time in a historical framework. The school was founded in 1565 and is proud to be the oldest boarding school in Denmark. Therefore we also have so many traditions that you cannot experience elsewhere, among them:

  • Festive balls, plays and ceremonies
  • A dress code that unifies but also gives room for a personal touch
  • The special Herlufsholm jargon that is used by students every day

3 good reasons to choose Herlufsholm

  1. You take your future seriously
    Herlufsholm is for curious and ambitious young people that give high priority to educational quality and want the right professional knowledge for further education. Our teachers are committed and constantly upgrade their qualifications. We make new syllabuses, inspire you to reflect about things and challenge you at the level you are at.

  2. You want a school that offers more than classroom teaching
    Herlufsholm is about commitment. Not only academically but also with respect to number of activities, charity, your personal development and your surroundings. We normally say that “there is no  room for indifference” – we like to help you with what you are enthusiastic about.

  3. You see mutual respect as a prerequisite for being together
    We are committed to one another. We therefore expect everybody to treat each other with respect, trust and fidelity. You must take responsibility for your own life and for the way you impact on others. We would like to prepare you for a life as a world citizen. You therefore get the chance to participate in a number of international activities, exchanges and cultural experiences.

Herluf Trolle and Birgitte Gøye

Herluf Trolle and Birgitte Gøye founded Herlufsholm in 1565 and gave Herlufsholm over to the Foundation in order to protect the school and its surroundings against inheritance claims. We are very grateful for that today, and many of the traditions in our school are about the founders.