Round Square

The world is waiting for you

If you want to experience another country as a student at a school abroad, you have a chance of going on a short exchange visit.

As a member of the international collaboration among Round Square schools Herlufsholm has taken up Kurt Hahn’s idea of challenging students. Through our various Round Square activities the students are given a number of challenges that require courage, self-reliance, imagination and determination. One of these challenges is being (almost) alone in a foreign country.

It is demanding to be an exchange student. You need the academic strength to step outside your own class for a while, and we expect that you fully commit yourself in your exchange period. As an exchange student you must also be ready to welcome the student that you are exchanged with, either before or after your own exchange visit. It is an exciting task that will give you a unique opportunity to understand another culture, but an experience where you will also learn more about your own culture.

Round Square at Herlufsholm

At Herlufsholm we have a Round Square committee that works for the school and the students so that they can fulfill the six so-called IDEALS, which stand for Internationalization, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership, Service. By and large it is about meeting the world with curious eyes and an open mind, and that participants need to dare to take responsibility and leadership, take on the challenges that they encounter, and help the people whose paths they cross.

Apart from exchange programmes the Round Square activities at Herlufsholm also include conferences and voluntary social work.

More about Round Square

Around 180 schools world wide are members of Round Square. Use the links below to find more information about the Round Square organization and Round Sqaure on Herlufsholm.