Your second Home

Your second home

It can be exciting but also somewhat intimidating to move away from home and into a dormitory where you have to share your home and everyday life with a large group of people your own age, and at the same time live up to a new set of rules.

You will experience that at Herlufsholm we will make a great effort to help you becoming a part of the community in your house. Right from the beginning your dorm teacher will create a framework where you all get to know each other, and they will help you settle into the rhythm of everyday life at the school, so that you understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from others.

Presentation of our dormitories

Take a virtual trip around the boarding school below:

How the house is organized

When you move into a house at Herlufsholm you will be given a room, called a “hummer”. Here you can do your homework and relax. In the house there are a number of facilities, e.g. day room, a small kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, washing machine and drier and, of course, the common dormitory.

Even though you have your own room, you sleep with your friends in a common dormitory. The dormitories are separated according to male/ female, but to share a dormitory with others creates bonds and a good atmosphere, which you do not get by sleeping in your room.

Most students get their own room, but some have to share a room with a roommate the same age. The room contains a locker, desk, chair, shelf and reading lamp. You are allowed to bring extra things into the room to make it cosier.

Next to the Dormitory is your dorm teacher's appartment.

Take a look inside a Dorm

Here you find a short introduction to our dormitories and dorm teachers. We also offer a virtual tour where you may take a look inside the dormitory called Vuen.