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Day student or boarder?

In addition to the difference in economic terms, the experience of being a student at Herlufsholm is different for day students and boarders.

In the school year 2019/2020 there are 571 students enrolled at Herlufsholm.
224 of them are enrolled as boarders and 347 as day students.

Life as a boarder

At the boarding school we endeavor to create a homelike environment where teaching, extracurricular activities and life in the student houses constitute the framework for the boarders’ common everyday life. If you choose to become a boarder the student house will be your home at the school. There is a special relationship when you live together with your friends, and the boarders experience becoming an integral part of the school by just living here. Even though the boarders live in separate houses they all meet for the meals of the day in the dining halls and take part in many common activities.

More day students than boarders at Herlufsholm

We like Herlufsholm to be more than the place where you go to school. Every day all the students gather in the dining halls for lunch, and they can participate in the extracurricular activities after classes, and they have rich opportunities to get involved in the life at the school. Most day students come from the surrounding ares, and they choose Herlufsholm as a strong academic alternative to the local schools. Because the day students have to use public transport, we recommend that they do not live farther away than Køge, Slagelse and Vordingborg.

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