Gymnasiet 4

People and society

People and Society

You are introduced to a number of issues in economics, politics and social affairs. There is ample opportunity for those students with an active interest in society to get engaged. You will work with various social issues, which may, for example, be supported by visits to relevant, higher social science courses, companies and political organisations.

Possible interdisciplinary subjects could be Migration and Socialisation or Illusion and Reality.

As one of your compulsory specialised subjects, you will take Social Studies at A level. In addition, you must choose English, Mathematics or your continuation language at A level.


Compulsory subjects:

  • Dansk A
  • Historie A
  • Samfundsfag A
  • Engelsk B
  • Matematik B
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi B
  • Tysk fortsætter B/Fransk fortsætter B/Spansk begynder A

  • Religion C
  • Oldtidskundskab C
  • Idræt C
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi C
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C



  • Engelsk A
  • Matematik A
  • Tysk/Fransk Fortsætter A
  • Idræt B
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C
  • Filosofi C
  • Psykologi C
  • Erhvervsøkonomi C