Samling 1

Society, culture, economy and globalisation

The Road to the 21st Century: Globalization, Culture Clash, and International Vision

This special social science study program gives especially motivated students an opportunity for a range of offers that go beyond what a normal course of study can offer.

For example, you study the subject "Business and Management" from our international IB Diploma education. Here you will be taught and examined in English. You will go on a media internship at TVØst, and together with different companies and organisations, we focus on cultural meetings and business.

The course of study is planned with a particular focus on promoting the opportunity to work interdisciplinarily with projects, and you will be able to go on more study trips and excursions than is the case with our other courses.


Compulsory subjects:

  • Dansk A
  • Historie A
  • Samfundsfag A
  • Engelsk A
  • Matematik B
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi B
  • Fortsættersprog B
  • Religion C
  • Oldtidskundskab C
  • Idræt C
  • Fysik/Kemi/Biologi C
  • Mediefag
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C



  • Matematik A
  • Tysk/Fransk Fortsætter A
  • Billedkunst/Musik/Dramatik C