Grundskole 2

Getting ready for further education

During 7th-9th grade, we focus on readying the students for further studies and for completing their final exams.

In the 7th Grade, a large group of new students will start, and all classes are therefore recreated. When doing the class formations, we focus on creating a good classroom culture, including through our student profile, which helps define how to show mutual respect and how to take on responsibility for the well-being of everyone.

Improving study competence

We ramp up the proficiency levels during middle school, with a view to preparing the students for high school. The students are given immersion days, where all classes work interdisciplinarily with specific fields of immersion, thereby exploring in depth the relationships between their different subjects.

In the 8th grade, students must write a self-selected mini project. They must find the literature themselves, consider what is relevant and superfluous information and structure a report that is adequate and informative. The purpose is to train their ability to plan and administer their study time independently and to build a professional assignment based on such criteria as they will meet in their further education. In the 9th grade, they will receive the same sort of assignment, but of a larger and more demanding scope.

A creative joint project

One of the big projects of the 9th grade is the annual school comedy. Here the students are challenged creatively in constructing a theatre play involving everyone, with tasks from performing to doing makeup and lighting. The play is performed two times, first for the whole school and the staff, and then at an evening of celebration for the parents, followed by a ball for the students in the year group.

The creative subjects have a special place at Herlufsholm, as we want to give the students as many means of expression as possible. Therefore, visual arts and music are compulsory subjects throughout the course of the Middle School. Our creative students can also cultivate their interest and talent through the creative activities in the school's extra-curricular program.

External experiences

The school years offer many academically helpful trips outside of the school environment. This could include visits to the Viking Ship Museum or the Medieval Centre. In the 9th grade, we have two major traditions, namely the survival trip (link) in southern Sweden and a visit to the Danish parliament, where the students get to experience what it is like to be a politician for a day.

On the way to High School

75% of our students continue from our Middle School to our High School.

All students receive grades so that they can keep up with their development continuously. Each year is completed with an internal exam adapted to the academic level of the year group, which serves to give the students a picture of where they are at the moment. The grades and the final exams allow the students to keep track of their development continuously. In the 8th grade, the annual examination will give the students a taste of what it is like to undertake the final exams in the 9th grade. In this way, they get some experience of the test format, but they will also get a sense of what is required of them when they have to give everything that they can in the following year.